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Blanket people

On these pages are biographies of both the mill owners and their families, and some of the workers who actually made the blankets. Click on a link to find out more.

Peter Baston
- wool buyer

Vera Green
- weaver

David Buckle
- trade union representative

Jack Kearsey
- loom tuner

J. Brian Crawford
- company director

Rosemary Lee
- Early family member

Keith Crawford
- product development engineer & manager

Harry Lewis
- spinner

Mr Gilbert Croft
- manager

Alan Pullin
- weft man

Lawrence Dixey
- perchman

William Smith
- blanket manufacturer & mop maker

Charles Early
- blanket company owner

Yvonne Souch
- weaver & blanket finisher

Thomas Early
- blanket manufacturer

June Wheeler
- weaver

Doreen Foggett
- blanket finisher

Gladys Wilding
- canteen manageress

Mike French
- engineer