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Welcome to the Witney Blanket Story

Welcome to the Witney Blanket Story. For over 300 years the small Oxfordshire town of Witney was famous for its blankets, which were exported all over the World. Sadly, the last blanket mill closed in 2002, but the Witney Blanket Story now celebrates everything associated with the industry. Here for the first time all the major sources of information about Witney blankets have been brought together in one place. Discover why the words 'Witney' and 'blanket' were so closely linked, hear songs and workers' stories, look at the blankets and blanket-making equipment, see photographs, documents and videos, and find out where to research further.

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All About the Industry - the story of the Witney blanket industry.

From Sheep to Shop - how blankets were made, sold and used.

The People and Companies - the stories of the people and companies who made the blankets.

Witney Mills and Buildings - a look at blanket mills and related buildings in and around Witney.

Search the Collections - search the collections for objects, documents and photographs about the blanket industry.

Resource Centre - resources, including bibliography, glossary, related museums and websites, and curriculum resources.

- the Witney Blanket Story exhibition is touring museums in Oxfordshire - find out details of the latest venue and opening times.

About the Project - all about the Witney Blanket Story and how to contribute.

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